British Hallmarking Standards 

All Tilly Mint Silver items over the weight of 7.78 grams carry a hallmark known as a sponsors Hallmark in the UK.

For Tilly Mint Silver this hallmark is issued by the Birmingham Assay Office and ensures the purity of the Silver, Gold or any other precious metal used in the piece.

The hallmark issued to all larger Tilly Mint Silver items is a diamond shape with the initials JB within the diamond (JB - Julie Brockbank)

Many items under 7.78 grams will NOT carry a hallmark unless deemed unique enough to warrant the markers mark. 

If an item is not offered for sale as hallmarked and you require it hallmarking please contact me for details.

Hallmarking explained ...

In the UK all precious metal jewellery over a certain weight must by law be stamped with the appropriate hallmark(s) indicating the purity of  that piece.

These hallmarks indicate that the item has been tested for purity at an Assay Office, the piece will carry the hallmark of the Assay Office where it was tested, the type of precious metal used, and the 3rd mark will indicate the maker. Occasionally there are other marks such as the year the piece was hallmarked.

In the UK the testing of precious metal objects is controlled by the National Assayers Offices, the stamp indicating the purity of the metal is called the Assayers Mark.

The following link offers an explanation in full about hallmarking.

A person selling precious metal items of jewellery in the UK must display a Dealers Notice as shown below:

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